January 01, 2000

Karina Montgomery

Pixilated Geek
Karina at Rotten Tomatoes

San Diego, CA

Karina stumbled into writing reviews accidentally in 1997, and eventually parlayed it into the wee empire it is today thanks to her ambition to join the OFCS in 1999. She has a BA in English with a minor in theatre, and some on-set film production experience, and a consumer's love of the film product. Her mission is to guide her readers to choose the entertainment they would most enjoy and to communicate that enjoyment back to the studios in the only language they understand: money.

I find that nearly every filmic work has something right about it, whether it's just a great set design or one actor whose talent cannot be repressed by the terribleness all around. I love the different types of comedy, contrasting the wordy cerebral comedy with dry, meta, broad, or even childish comedies. I love things outside the realm of our reality like science fiction and magic and speculation, but I also love the grounding depth of a documentary that captures my mind. There are a few purveyors of the art of film out there who can do no wrong in my mind, but I won't spoil that list here.