January 01, 2000

Mark R. Leeper

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Old Bridge, New Jersey

In and out of science fiction circles Mark and Evelyn Leeper are one of the best known writing couples on the Internet. Mark became an avid science fiction fan at age six with TV's Commando Cody. Both went to the University of Massachusetts in 1968. There Mark introduced Evelyn to the Science Fiction Society and fandom. Both were active members and officers of the society. In 1978 they founded the Bell Labs Science Fiction Club and their own weekly fanzine, now called the MT VOID (pronounced "Empty Void"). In the early 1980s their writing found its way to the Internet where Mark is now the longest-running regularly published film reviewer. They are widely traveled. Mark is best known for his film reviews and analysis, his weekly editorials, his travel writing, and for fantasy origami.

Non-fantasy: Schindler's List, A Man for All Seasons, Lawrence of Arabia, The Man Who Would Be King, The Killing Fields, Empire of the Sun, Paths of Glory, Spartacus, The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter, The Pawnbroker, Inherit the Wind, The Grey Zone, House of Sand and Fog
Fantasy: King Kong (1933), Forbidden Planet, The War Game (Peter Watkins' film), Quatermass and the Pit (a.k.a. Five Million Years to Earth), Phase IV, Star Wars: A New Hope, Dragonslayer, Brainstorm (first 2/3 only), The Lord of the Rings