January 01, 2000

Rick Aragon

Rick's Cafe Texan

El Paso, TX

Rick Aragon has been passionate about films and giving his views on them ever since when as a child, he suffered through Howard the Duck and felt it was his duty to warn everyone against them. Currently at the El Paso Public Library, he thinks that people do not see "classic" films or conversely films like action or comedy because of a fear of the unknown and he hopes to help people "be not afraid". Although he considers himself your typical bourgeois Hispanic Lutheran, Rick Aragon is a nerd in one respect: he is passionate about Doctor Who and is unapologetic about his love for the series. His goals include visiting every state in the U.S. and every continent (so far forty-two states and five continents to go).

Books: And Then There Were None, Byzantium
Films: Safety Last!, Amadeus, Casablanca, Re-Animator, Theater of Blood, All About Eve, The Hangover, Vertigo, Jane Eyre (2011)
Television Programs: Doctor Who, Franklin & Bash, The Golden Girls
Activities: Writing, Reading, Football, Travel

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