January 01, 2000

Rob Vaux

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Southern California

A native Californian, Rob Vaux grew up in the greater Los Angeles area before attending college in Minnesota and graduate school in Syracuse, NY. He moved back to So Cal after earning his M.A. and currently works as a writer and editor, as well as serving as a film critic for Mania.com and The Sci-Fi Movie Page. He's also a faithful fan of the Insert Your City Name Here Angels, though he considers the Rally Monkey a dubious asset at best. He lives in the suburbs with his girlfriend, five cats and one very chatty parrot. He still likes The Phantom Menace more than you.

Raiders of the Lost Ark, Brazil, The Third Man, Throne of Blood, LA Confidential, Double Indemnity, West Side Story, Lawrence of Arabia, John Carpenter's The Thing, and the Lord of the Rings trilogy.