January 01, 2000

Wesley Lovell

Cinema Sight
Wesley at Rotten Tomatoes

Springfield, Missouri, USA

Wesley has been writing about the Oscars and film since his website debuted in 1996 on GeoCities. He moved to oscarguy.com and eventually to his curernt home at cinemasight.com. The Oscar Guy as it was known in the beginning, was one of the first Academy Awards-themed websites and remains the oldest such site on the internet. The Oscar Guy site also debuted the first Academy Awards discussion forum, the Unofficial Academy Awarsd Discussion Board (UAADB), which is still operating today.

Afte graduating with a Bachelors in Communications/Mass Media with an emphasis in film studies, Wesley expanded and redefined his site's content and continues as one of the internet's most prominent Oscar prognosticators.

"Citizen Kane", "The Lord of the Rings" Trilogy, "Make Way for Tomorrow", "Schindler's List", "Sunrise" and many others.