January 07, 2010

Survey Says: OFCS members predict the Oscar Best Picture nominations

With the countdown to the Oscar nominations in full swing, OFCS will predict, all through January, the nominations in four major categories. This week: Best Picture.

(Note that we're not picking the films we think are the best of the year, but which films we believe AMPAS will honor with nominations. The winners of the 2009 OFCS Awards are here.)

The OFCS prediction for the 10 Best Picture nominees, in alphabetical order, are:

Avatar (38 votes)
The Blind Side (18 votes)
An Education (26 votes)
The Hurt Locker (41 votes)
Inglourious Basterds (38 votes)
Invictus (26 votes)
Precious (34 votes)
A Serious Man (30 votes)
Up (36 votes)
Up in the Air (43 votes)

Results were calculated on a simple vote basis of one point per vote. And because 43 members participated in the poll, and only Up in the Air was chosen by all as a likely nominee, we’ll go out on a limb and predict that Up in the Air will, in fact, win the Oscar for Best Picture of 2009.

Oscar nominations will be announced Tuesday, February 2, and winners at the Oscar ceremony on Sunday, March 7.

1 comment:

Nathan Donarum said...

I don't know about The Blind Side. I think the other nominees are most likely, but I think The Blind Side is the odd man out here.

The PGA didn't nominate it. It didn't nominate A Serious Man, either, but I think that the PGA has it pretty on target, with the exception of either District 9 or Star Trek. One of those two is, I think, going to get nominated in place of The Blind Side.

Of course, I could be wrong, and Oscar could nominate The Blind Side because of its box office success. Still, I don't think it deserves a nomination. Sure, give Sandra Bullock the nomination for Best Actress, but frankly, I think something like District 9 deserves the nomination more.

Perhaps it's just my own personal bias getting in the way, but I see The Blind Side losing a lot of momentum recently. Bullock will be nominated, but a lot of that could also be due to the field of potential Best Actress nominees being pretty weak this year.