January 01, 2000

Ali Gray

Ali at Rotten Tomatoes

London, UK

Ali started movie blogging in 2004 for the sheer love of it, but only realised he was any good at it when he was invited back to UK film mag Hotdog after a work placement. Various freelance review jobs followed, then a full-time job working on the Sky Movies magazine - officially the biggest movie magazine in the country. At the moment, Ali is the Movies Producer for VirginMedia.com and keeps TheShiznit.co.uk chugging along with news, reviews and features after a recent redesign. The site is small but I love it, and the guys and girls who contribute (for nothing) are wonderful.

Favourite films: Jurassic Park, Fight Club, Die Hard, Amelie, No Country For Old Men, Swingers
Favourite directors: David Fincher, Steven Spielberg, the Coen brothers, James Cameron